Boost Your Performance

    Imagine a solution that can bring you closer to reaching most of your goals. Let Enough Sleep help you get the perfect amount of sleep each night, as you become the best version of you.

  • Learning from Your Sleep History

    The exact amount of sleep you need each night is based on several factors. By analyzing your sleep history and the activities of the current day, Enough Sleep aims to give you optimal sleep recommendations each day.

    Making Each Day More Pleasant

    Enough Sleep will send you notifications reminding you when to go to bed each night based on the data you provide.


    When Enough Sleep wakes you up in the morning, you will feel fully rested and ready to face the day.

    Improve Your Memory

    We all think more clearly when we are well rested. Research suggests that solidifying of memory takes place during sleep through the strengthening of the neural connections that form our memories.


    Sleep is also found to influence one’s ability to focus, thereby supporting the creation of memories.

    Improve Your Workouts

    Science show that getting enough sleep increases your motivation, energy levels, and athletic performance.


    Get the most out of each workout. Get Enough Sleep.

    Improve Your Grades

    Increased ability to learn. Improved focus. Improved grades. Findings strongly suggest that sleep is closely related to student learning capacity and academic performance.


    Enough Sleep aims to help you get the most out of each hour studying.

    Avoid Getting Sick

    Not getting enough sleep is linked to an increased risk of contracting the flu or catching a cold. Even seemingly small differences in sleep can have affect your susceptibility.


    No one enjoys being sick. Get Enough Sleep.

    Why Sleep Cycle Apps Are Bad for You

    Where sleep cycle apps focus on waking you up at the top of a sleep cycle, they ignore the value of getting enough sleep. Take a look at the science of sleep, and you will realise how important this issue is for your health.


    That's why Enough Sleep is built around:

    • Self reported sleep quality, as the best way to get feedback on your sleep
    • Finding what is enough sleep for you each night, by learning from your sleep history and daily activities

    ...and not about waking you up before you need to wake up.

  • Sleep is Scientifically Associated

    with the Improvement of:

    Memory and Learning

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    Athletic Performance

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    Fat burning and Obesity

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    Energy Levels

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    Attractiveness and Wrinkles 

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    Immunity to Illness

    Catching a cold, getting a stroke, resistance to cancer, getting diabetes.

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    Sperm Count

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    Overall Life Expectancy

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